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Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate

Everyone has an exfoliant lurking somewhere in the bathroom - use it 

2-3 x per week; it gets rid of dead skin cells, smoothes & allows your gorgeous products to penetrate and do their job.

DIY works too - 1 tablespoon of baking soda mixed to a paste with water then rubbed gently on the face guarantees a glow every time!


A broad spectrum sunscreen is the most important beauty product you will ever use.  Not only can it save your life by helping to prevent skin cancers, but the UVA prevents premature ageing, and the UVB stops you from burning.  Factor 15 is good for every day, but a minimum of 30 is essential if spending time outside.

Retinol & Vitamin A

Retinol and its derivatives are the

only scientifically proven topically applied skincare products useful for long term wrinkle reduction & sun damage.

General rule of thumb - start low and build up the strength.  Environ (in my opinion) do the best formulas and the easiest to use system called AVST.

You'll never regret it.

Eyes & Lips

Who doesn't love a multipurpose product?

Eye Creams are super effective as a lip cream too, helping smooth out those pesky little lines above

the top lip.


No matter how spectacular your skin, foundation always looks better with a good primer; they smooth unevenness

of the skin, make your foundation go

on seamlessly & last much longer,

and if you choose wisely, a primer can bring light and life into the face

with light-reflecting particles. 

Always worth the effort.

Eat your way to Great Skin.

Yes, what you eat really does influence how good your skin looks.  Eat fast food laden with sugar salt and fat, and your skin will tell the tale.  For beautiful glowy skin, load up on fresh vegetables, fruit and foods rich in lean protein and Omega 3 & 6.

Hyaluronic Acid is Your Friend

This magical substance is found in lots of products these days and it's already in your skin!  It hold 1000 x it's weight in water, giving you instantly plumper more hydrated skin.  It will show up in the first 6-7 ingredients on the list.

Everybody needs this!

Ooo La La

Never underestimate the power of blusher.  Nothing gives an instant radiance or makes you look healthier than a gorgeous rosy flush.

Old Hands

Applying sunscreen to the backs of your hands will make a huge difference.  The skin here is paper-thin and ages very quickly.  In 20 years time you'll be glad you did it!

The Red Lip

Red lipstick looks stunning on everyone, you just need to give yourself time to peruse the makeup counters until you find exactly the right shade and texture for you; the one which lifts your complexion & whitens your teeth.

Rule of thumb:

Warm skin tones = Fire Engine reds

Cool skin tones = Cherry reds

Deep skin tones = any red you like

In the End

Products have a shelf life; most unopened bottle / jars will be good for about 2 years, opened ones about 6 months - except glycolic acid which can actually concentrate with age!  If a product smells dodgy or stings your face, toss it.  Not to self:  Use what I have before buying more!

Wash Your Brushes

It is literally horrifying to think of the

bacteria growing on unwashed makeup brushes and tools.  They need cleaning at least every 2 weeks to avoid contaminating your lovely skin and causing all sorts

of skin problems.

A Little Tip

If you've read this far, woo hoo - I'm really chuffed!  I just want to say that Beauty Therapists, Massage Therapists & Hair Stylists are not psychic; tell or show us what you want or don't want!  The easiest way to be completely thrilled with your treatment.

Nails 101

I always keep a little gentle nail file in every handbag - when you get a little nick, just buff it lightly to stop a nail disaster!  Fix it properly when you get home, or apply clear varnish until your next nail appointment.

Put the Tweezers Down!

Once you start plucking those few stray eyebrows, it becomes like a can of Pringles; you literally can't stop & before you know it - they're all but gone!  If tempted, ring around until you find a salon who can take you straight away & let a professional take charge.

The Dreaded Cellulite

This is just part of life people! Women can be

anorexic and still have cellulite.  It's down to body

type, and no cream, potion, lotion or topically

applied miracle cure will get rid of it.

Don't waste your money. 

The best way to manage it is with great nutrition, drinking lots of water and Dry Brushing

the thighs & bum; upwards strokes, every day. 

Unless you can afford regular laser treatments,

but the jury is still out on the long term success of

laser treatments for cellulite.

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